This Dominican Republic beachfront investment land in Cabarete is such measuring approximately 400,000 square meters (about 120 acres) the parcel boasts 675 meters (over 2000 feet) of ocean frontage along white sand beaches backed by mature coconut groves.

To the north, away from the sea, the Dominican Republic beachfront investment land fronts on the north coast’s main highway Sosua – Cabarete giving quick access to the Puerto Plata International airport on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

An intermittent coral reef offshore breaks larger waves creating a relatively calm lagoon. This same reef prevents the beach erosion common to many oceanfront properties worldwide and ensures a tranquil environment for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. The ubiquitous tradewinds provide constant cooling of this tropical environment.

The property offers potential developers a range of options. One may purchase the entire property, or may elect to acquire a smaller portion of it. The 400,000 square-meters have been divided into seven pieces, each with unique features. These development parcels, ranging in area from 33,000 square meters (about 9 acres) to 56,000 square meters (about 15 acres) are priced according to their location within the carefully planned whole. Prices vary from US$70 per square meter for inland parcels to US$265 for parcels fronting on the sea.

The overall development plan was carefully and intelligently laid out by one of the world’s premiere project master planners, a renowned firm from Florida with extensive experience in the Caribbean Basin.

Beachfront development land for sale, Cabarete

Dominican RepublicBeachfront development land for sale, Cabarete

Beachfront land for sale, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic beachfront investment land in CabareteWhile the development of property in the Dominican Republic requires many of the same steps familiar to developers in Europe or North America, i.e., conformance to environmental and public safety regulations, the process here is much more streamlined. Added to this is the fact that the property is fully titled and provides assurance of uncontested boundaries. The time needed for compliance here will be measured in weeks rather than months or years.

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