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How Much Does It Cost to Build in the Dominican Republic?

Construction costs vary depending on the level of finish. An 185 square meter home (1,991 square feet) with small pool and minimal landscaping breaks down as follows:

  • 2-3 bedroom home with small terrace, 2 baths, Italian kitchen with decent appliances, flat roof, painted, aluminum windows and doors can be built between US $725 and US $750 per square meter. This would be a simple concrete house. A small pool would cost about US $15,000 with basic filter/pump system. A driveway, basic landscaping, cistern, around US $10,000 and a kiosk US $4,000
  • Normally a high-quality construction cost is about US $875 per square meter, which is about US $94 per square foot not including pool, landscape, extras like a fancy kitchen, wood windows, expensive tiles, faucets, etc. It can go very quickly to US $1,000 or more for a first class villa

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We are pleased to provide you with a selection of qualified architects and engineers who have shown over the years that they understand the needs of our clients. It will be our pleasure to assist in any way that we can and set up payment plans through a local attorney to ensure that your funds are safe and are disbursed as the project of building your dream home is designed and constructed.


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