We all have different goals when visiting the Caribbean. Many are visiting our island to help Domincian Republic Rescued Dogs.

One beautiful Dominican Republic Rescued Dogs story is Fergie’s. Tom and Tanya found her on the road on her way to Santiago. The poor girls were burned all over her body. Luckily Tom and Tanya took her home, healed her and she had a wonderful recovery and was then adopted by Canadians.

Dominican Republic rescued dogs


Living in the Dominican Republic provides many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people and animals.

One group of animal lovers, recently formed and growing rapidly, is known as DCDR, or Dogs and cats of the Dominican Republic. A dedicated, all-volunteer group, DCDR provides food and medication to more than 2,000 street dogs and cats in a widening area of the north coast from Sabaneta to Luperon and including Sosua, Cabarete and parts of Puerto Plata.

DCDR also provides frequent spay-neuter clinics and recently launched its “Rescue-Rover”, a converted airport hotel van that contains two operating suites.

Dominican Republic Rescued Dogs

Mobile Operation Van

DCDR is 100% volunteer, meaning that every penny donated is used to benefit the animals of the Dominican Republic. Many residents, both foreign and Dominican, volunteer in the various outreach programs that treat animals and educate their owners. The results are stunning!

Where just a few years ago, the sight of mal- nourished and sick dogs roaming the streets and beaches of the north coast was fairly common, it is now rare and DCDR aims to ensure that it disappears entirely.

Select Caribbean Properties is a strong supporter of DCDR and urges interested persons to volunteer and to donate. Their website, which contains all pertinent information, is: www.dogsandcatsdr.com

A small donation to DCDR can make a real difference to all the Dominican Republic rescued dogs, and just a few hours a month of volunteer time can change the lives of many animals.

The mission statement of DCDR says it all: 

Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization whose mission is to significantly improve the health and welfare of the dogs and cats of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Our mission will be accomplished through the commitment and compassion of our volunteers. Volunteer efforts will incorporate hands-on assistance, education of pet owners, residents and tourists, and provision of basic medical support which will include parasite treatment and emergency medical care.

We will also provide foster care and find forever homes for Dominican Republic rescued dogs. Furthermore, we provide emergency pet food supplies and strive to reduce overpopulation via spay/neuter programs. We are committed to an unparalleled community outreach program that connects our experienced volunteers to both the animals, and the Dominican and Haitian people. Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic will also act as good stewards of our contributors’ donations, and strive to foster community spirit and partnerships with individuals and local businesses for the benefit of all.

Dominican Republic rescued dogs

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