Farm Sustainability Rio San Juan Dominican Republic

High up above sea level Rio San Juan

Living on a farm in the tropical environment on the north shore of the Dominican Republic can afford the owners a life of sustainability, as evident at Henry Mensen’s farm, near Rio San Juan.

Having grown up on a farm in Canada, Mensen is a “doer”, with many projects in the works. His enthusiasm is enthralling as he speaks of his many experiences the world over. Settled now in his chosen paradise of Dominican Republic, he has purchased 60 horses and plans to open a trail riding facility using the 35 kilometers of trails he has created among the rolling pasturelands which are strewn with palms and ocean views.

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At the Menson farm, you will find plenty of tropical fruit trees growing on the property to feed the household and plans in motion to open a business encompassing the cultural aspect of the local plant called cacao, from which the world’s most favorite treat is made, chocolate. The chocolate factory will be a place where visitors will experience the production of chocolate, from “bean to bar”.

Mensen also has plans to open a “general store” and a coffee shop at the entrance of the farm, with buildings taking form already near the roadside entrance. The store will sell produce and products grown on the farm and a longer term dream includes an aquaponic facility to further create a sustainable living environment at the family farm.

New buildings on Henry Mensons farm

Under construction – New Buildings

Many options are available to those who choose to purchase local acreage. People come from all reaches of the world to find their slice of paradise and invest in real estate in the Dominican Republic. With its mild tropical weather, island life affords a year-round growing season and lush green pasturelands for livestock.

Sabine Mertes, a resident in the Dominican Republic and the principal of Select Caribbean Properties, is another person who has a passionate hobby related to farm life, natural hoof trimming. Not only is she a member of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners she is passionate about teaching others about humane care of animals and has personally rescued several horses, a donkey, and many dogs. She boards her horses at Sea Horse Ranch where she sponsors natural hoof trimming workshops, which educates locals and foreigners alike in the basics of natural hoof care.

Nice rounded hoof after trimming

Healthy Hoof – Healthy Horses on private farm

Trimming horses hooves at farm in Rio San Juan

Hoof trimming at farm near Rio San Juan


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