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Property Management, DR

Different Way of Working

We will keep your vacation property functioning as it should, and if an issue may arise, our team of service professionals will quickly analyze and repair it.

Your property is a valuable investment and will benefit from dedicated property management. Poorly maintained or managed properties lose value quickly. Rentals can cause wear-and-tear on a house or apartment and must be addressed before it becomes a larger issue. Rent must be collected, bills paid, and employees managed.

For many Caribbean Property owners, using an effective property management team frees them from the day-to-day hassles of ownership. Your luxury home, beachfront condo, or hillside residence will benefit greatly from knowledgeable oversight. If you live somewhere other than the Dominican Republic most or part of the time and wish to return to a clean, functioning home, property management is for you. If you own an income-producing property, whether villa or condo, a competent property manager will ensure that rentals go smoothly.

Services Offered

  • Regular inspection and verification, usually on a weekly basis, will ensure that the property is clean and functioning. Small problems that may arise can be dealt with right away, preventing them from becoming larger concerns
  • Scheduled cleaning will keep your home or condo in sparkling condition, ready for the arrival of renters or owners
  • Necessary maintenance and repair is critical to the smooth operation of any property and is performed quickly, by qualified individuals or companies
  • Payment of local bills such as utilities, maintenance and repair, and employee salaries are all handled professionally, and accurate records are kept, which provide the owner with a complete picture and peace of mind
  • Rent collection and handling of associated funds for items such as security deposits and late-arriving telephone bills will also be timely and accurate

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