Sosua is a fascinating place for so many reasons

Sosua is tied to both the past and present and is rich and meaningful. In fact, they are significant on both a local and a global level.

First of all, the name “Sosua”, comes from the Tainos, who once lived and ruled the areas of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It meant “small river” and it referred to the river that crosses over behind what is now the city of Sosua.

Sosua’s shores have welcomed many visitors over the years. Centuries ago, they welcomed ships from Spain. Then, in the 20th century, they welcome boats again from Europe, but this time they held Jewish refugees from Germany and Austria. In fact, between 1940 and 1945, 750 Jewish refugees settled in Sosua. This simple fact alone helped to open Sosua up to the world of tourism and commerce in many ways.

Over the years, Sosua has grown and developed from the beautiful and enticing bay area out to the surrounding areas and foothills towards the river. Along with the development has come many new opportunities for adventure, community, and tourism.

Sosua, Dominican Republic

Sosua Bay at Sunset

The following list is simply a taste of what you can experience when you visit Sosua:

  1. Beach life

    Of course, beaches are attractive, but few beaches in the Dominican Republic have the local flare of Sosua Bay. From artisanal vendors to British-themed beach bars, there is something for everyone seeking some great beach experiences. Snorkeling in the bay is at the top of many must-do lists and for good reason. Coral reefs and calm waters offer something for everyone seeking an afternoon out playing in the ocean.
    Around the bend, to the east of the bay, Playa Alicia offers a much more serene and quiet escape from all the action. With crystal clear waters and cold drinks close by.

    Sosua, Dominican Republic

  2.  Sunsets

    Sunsets are a beautiful part of life – but in Sosua, they are always guaranteed to be epic. The sunsets over the mountain of Puerto Plata and seems to stretch out longer than anywhere else on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The ocean view from some properties along Sosua bay is spectacular. A walk along the beach at sunset is the perfect way to end your afternoon playing at the ocean.

  3. Art Galleries

    For a taste of true Dominican art that is carefully curated, stop in at 571 Art Gallery by Leo Diaz.
    For a taste of Haitian art and a challenge to your visual senses, check out Castillo Mundo King.

  4. Lessons and Workshops

    Want to learn to dance? Check out Emily Watson School of Dance and discover how much fun salsa, tap, and hip-hop classes can be.
    Perhaps this time you want to finally learn how to play tennis? Check out the International Tennis School, located in Sosua Ocean Village.

  5. Dining

    Is there anything that compares to a great sunset with a refreshing drink? From drinking fresh beach-made coco loco to perfectly mixed cocktails at one of the many beach-view restaurants around town, you are in for a treat.
    Sosua has known also for its great local fares such as plato fritos and cangrejos con vinaigre.
    You won’t be disappointed by the options and the locations. Enjoy!

  6. Take in some history.

    Whether you want to dive for a wreck or check out our Museum of Jewish heritage, you will be able to get in touch with the living history that will help you see Sosua from a new and insightful perspective.

  7. Find a place to worship in English or Spanish

    Sosua has two English-speaking churches and both are easy to find and are in beautiful settings. Oceanside Christian Fellowship is located at the top of a cliff, facing out over the warm waters and beyond. New Life Church is tucked back into nature, only a few hundred meters off the main highway. New Life Church offers services in both English and Spanish.

  8. Festivals Festivals Festivals!

    Is music your thing? Then the DR Jazz festival will be the event you will not want to miss! Every year the lineup on stage is filled with entertaining and exciting artists and bands from around the Caribbean.
    Perhaps you might want to take part in one of the many street festivals and markets throughout the year as well.
    As well, numerous seasonal markets happen throughout the area, creating a strong sense of welcoming into the community.

With so many things to offer, it’s hard to pick just one reason to want to visit Sosua. So, why not decide to visit it and experience it for yourself?

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