The Samana Peninsula and Las Galeras

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Jutting eastward from the main body of the island of Hispaniola, the Samana peninsula was once described by Christopher Columbus as “The fairest land on the face of the Earth”. The peninsula encloses the bay of Samana between it and the Los Haitises National Park to the south. The calm waters of the bay are home to the finest shrimp in the Dominican Republic, and it is here that the Atlantic Humpback Whales have their young during the winter months.

Attractions include the spectacular beaches and palm groves of Las Terrenas on the peninsula’s north shore and the bustling town of Samana itself which faces south into the bay. High mountains form the backbone of this exotic finger of tropical land, and the branches of lofty mahogany, mara and coco palm trees are home to wild orchids, bromeliads and other “air plants”.

Streams cut the high valleys and cascade in beautiful falls into jade green pools below. Perhaps the most unspoiled community of all the peninsula’s towns is the seaside village of Las Galeras, located near the eastern end of the Samana Peninsula. Protected from the open Atlantic Ocean to the north by the green mountains of Cabo Cabron, Las Galeras exists in breezy tranquility, facing the azure waters of the Caribbean sea. Palm-studded beaches form the “front porch” of Las Galeras, and the magnificent Playa Rincon stretches several kilometers north of the town with its dazzling white sand and groves of coco-palms just behind. Las Galeras is just awakening from centuries of remoteness, and several small, elegant hotels have been built beside the sea there.

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In addition, the new Samana International Airport, just 35 minutes away, brings visitors from Europe and North America. Many Dominicans will tell you that the Samana area is the most beautiful part of this beautiful country, and visitors from all over the world are in agreement. New hotels, restaurants, marinas and residential developments have been created. Good roads connect the peninsula with Santo Domingo and the north shore towns of Cabarete, Sosua and Puerto Plata. Experience the paradise that is Samana…it will lure you, and may, in the end, keep you.

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