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Landscaping Services on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Whether for a new construction, building renovation, or simply as an addition to existing gardens, professional garden and grounds design and expert installation of trees, shrubs, flowers, water features, and natural stone will enhance any project.

Luxury Villa Driveway and Gardens

Ideal Climate

The tropical climate and excellent soil of the Dominican Republic ensure that newly planted gardens will flourish, reaching maturity in far less time than in Europe or North America. The ability to mix plants of varying color and size in a location, and knowing what those plants will look like in six months or a year, defines the tropical landscape. Furthermore, the addition of water features such as ponds or fountains plus the use of local natural materials for paving enhances the effect of the overall landscape plan.

Large Variety

There are many nurseries along the north coast of this country. Many sell a great variety of plants and a few stock hard-to-find specimens such as Egyptian Date Palms and some of the more exotic hybridized bougainvilleas. The knowledgeable landscape designer will recognize the need for careful selection of plants from reputable dealers and will advise the client of which plants may thrive on the ocean side of a house or which will survive in direct sunlight.

Tropical Bougainville Flower

Orchid Arrangement as Decoration

Landscaping with White Orchids